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Loukoumades honey

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Ingredients for 6 portions

For the dough

400 gr. of flour for all purposes

480 gr. water warm but not boiling hot

1 sachet of dried yeast (8 gr.)

a pinch of salt

a pinch of sugar

oil for frying around 2 cups

For the sirup

500 gr. honey

100 gr. water



First, we mix the warm water with the dried yeast and the sugar. We do not want the water to be very hot because otherwise our mixture will not rise. Then we add the flour and we mix them all together. We put the salt last because it also will not allow our mixture to rise. We let our mixture to rest for 30-40 minutes. While we are waiting for our mixture to rest we start to make the sirup. We boil the honey with the water in a pan for 3 minutes from the moment that it starts boiling. After that we will leave it aside and we will start frying our loukoumades. We take two tablespoons, we take some dough, shape it into small balls and put it in the hot oil. We can shape them also by using our hands. When they take a nice golden-red colour we remove them from the oil and we put them in a plate with extra absorbent paper towel. When we are done with the frying we transfer them in a clean plate and we pour the sirup. We sprinkle with cinnamon and we are ready to enjoy our loukoumades.

Eat them while they are warm!

Tips for chocolate lovers : You can replace the sirup with melted chocolate or chocolate hazelnut spread and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice scream.